Some words

3:28; 2015

Filmed in Melbourne

This short video shows the translation of words  like imagination, phantasy and dream into sign language. I was interested in the relationship between a text and its performed interpretation.

Torros embolados

4:25; 2014

Filmed in Spain 2012

During 2012 I recorded by film and still photography the festival of toro embolado. This unusual festival involving live bulls occurs in a small village in rural Catalunya.

I am interested in the different historical and modern views on Spanish culture and traditions with a particular emphasis on festivals involving bulls; the art, technique and styles of bullfighting and the ethical issues surrounding the harm and killing of animals for public spectacle. 


7:25; 2011

Filmed in Australia 2011

The video shows an aged woman’s hands saying prayers with rosary beads. The sound and repetition of words form a rhythmic, almost meditative whisper that continues endlessly, reassuring the connection between God and the believer.


The Day of the Dead

17:08 min; 2011

Filmed in Mexico 2010

(available with German and English subtitles)

The Day of the Dead, a festival celebrating the return of the dead in Mexico, was filmed in small communities around Oaxaca. Interviews with locals of various ages reveal surprising stories about personal beliefs and emotions including a story about a returning deceased loved one seen by his relatives. We get seduced by richly decorated graves, large sand altars, and street paintings that adorn public spaces.  A vibrant procession to the cemetery gates welcomes the dead at their point of arrival. The night from dusk until dawn is spent sharing drinks, music and stories with the dead, and brings us an intimate insight into the cultural beliefs and traditions of the Mexican people.

Santa Marta

16:03 min; 2011

Filmed in Spain 2010

(available with German and English subtitles)

Santa Marta de Ribarteme (Spain) is a film about the beliefs and rituals of people living in small villages in the South of Spain. Interviews with locals give an insight of their way of life and belief, in particular in that of Santa Marta, the saint for resurrection. A festival is prepared for Santa Marta where people die a symbolical death to save the life of a loved one who is gravely ill. In a dramatic procession at the height of summer, we see a woman carried alive in an open coffin by her relatives, and people punishing themselves by ‘walking’ on their knees as a sacrifice to plea to Santa Marta for healing. We hear unsettling stories about how to prevent miscarriages, and Santa Martas’ powers to heal as well as othersuperstitious beliefs that the local priests are unable to overcome.


Both films, ‘Santa Marta’ and ‘The Day of the Dead’ communicate rituals addressing experiences with death and loss.

Whispers in Time

5:06 min; 2011

Filmed in Australia 

The video shows two landscapes that are juxtaposed to play with the viewer’s perception. While the fog moves across the forest it reveals different trees, changing the proportion and perspective of the landscape. The mesmerizing  footage refers to passing time  and events in life that appear to be important at present but less so when they have passed.

installation view, Museum DKM, Duisburg Germany 2011

installation view, Museum DKM, Duisburg Germany 2011



11:05 min; 2005

Filmed in Spain, Galicia 2005

Peppered with shipwrecks, the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) is a very rough area of Galicias atlantic coast known as Fisterra in the Galician language. The local name originates from the pre-Roman legend which told that this area was the end of the world (Finis-terrae). Along the coast here , giant pedras de abala ("oscillating stones") marked sacred locations and were used in various rituals by the Celtics. The wind here is still believed to create wild nightmares.

Capturing the slow movement of fog together with the rhythmic sound of the waves, Uncertainty is symbolic of the history of this place that still has a big bearing on beliefs of the local people today.



Interview with Claudia Terstappen

8:57 min, 2005

This short interview gives an insight to the concepts and working methods of the artist.



Places of Worship – Japan

4:20 min; 2005

filmed in Kyoto 2004

Filmed in Kyoto, this video focuses on places and rituals of significance that are important to Japanese culture and beliefs. We are confronted with crass differences between juxtaposed busy cities and historical sites; and Pachinko halls and shrines.



10 seconds a day

22:01 min; 2002 – 2004

Filmed in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory/Australia

Filmed in Kakadu National Park (Northern Territory, Australia) over a period of 9 months, this film captures the changes in the natural environment between the two seasons; the Dry, and the Wet.

The video makes important links between the Australian fauna and flora and Aboriginal beliefs.